This week we look at advertising, accessibility, Vogue, and toilet reading. Happy reading and enjoy your weekend!

British Vogue Gets Top Marks for UX & Branding

Shelley from Vogue has a great review of British Vogue and their focus on a cross-platform experience and typography.

How Accessible is the Kindle iOS App?

The National Federation of the Blind reviews Amazon’s new Kindle app to see how it scores for accessibility.

Book Marketing Q&A: Jeff Yamaguchi Talks Advertising

A (brief) Q&A about advertising, native ads vs banner ads, and the importance of “big ideas”

Easy product shots

Want to get a cool looking “real world” shot of your publication on a tablet or mobile? PlaceIt has you covered. (Expect to see these everywhere)

Machines for Life

Pitchfork have produced yet another fantastic long-form interview with scrolling hypermedia elements, this time with Daft Punk.

Quote of the Week

Useless Gadget of the Week

The iPad Commodore Caddy

Douglas from one of our favourite publishing blogs reviews an iPad stand – for your toilet!

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