A Mobile-Friendly PDF?

Love them or hate them, PDFs are still used a lot for digital documents and publications. Which is puzzling because of how painful they are to read on a mobile phone, where many people now spend a lot of their reading time. They’re simply not mobile-friendly.

We know that responsive web formats and ebook formats are much nicer to read, yet people still want to be able to offer a PDF for their readers as a fallback. Sometimes it’s because they want them to be able to read it offline, sometimes it’s because they want to email an actual document instead of send a link, sometimes it’s because their audience is simply most familiar with a PDF.Mobile-friendly PDF Example

For me and many people I know, the worst part about PDFs on my phone is that they don’t resize and I have to pan and zoom and pan and zoom to read anything. I lose my place and just generally get bored scrolling back and forth just to read one paragraph because it’s too wide for my phone at a type size that I can read.

We’ve come up with a solution – mobile-formatted PDFs! We’re now generating PDFs that are actually designed for the width of a smartphone with text that is appropriately sized for such a device.

If you’re a Premium Woopie customer, you can try out mobile-formatted PDFs today with your content. Realizing you’re going to need mobile-formatted PDFs in your life? Talk to us about trialling Premium for free for 14 days to see if it’s right for you!