Clarity & transparency for financial documents with mobile-friendly spreadsheets

One of the most painful mobile work experiences has to be trying to read a spreadsheet on your phone or tablet. You’re pinching in to actually be able to read it, then scrolling for days to see the Q4 number when you forget which line you were one. Is this number the uniques or the MAUs? It is time-consuming and frustrating.

non-responsive financial data

Clearer financial documents

To help make things simpler and less stressful, we have taken a different approach: using flexible and responsive tables for financial data. Instead of trying to get every table cell in a long horizontal row, the high priority columns are shown, with the other columns being accessible by expanding the row vertically. As a device gets bigger, say, you move from a smart phone to a tablet, the next priority of columns become visible, and so on. All data remains accessible, but it is also all readable no matter what size the screen.

responsive financial data in a spreadsheet

How does this work in practice?

If you’re creating a document like an annual report and need to include the balance sheet, you simply prioritize the column with the row heading and whichever other columns are important, say the “2015” totals column. Maybe the next priority is the “2014” totals column to compare last year’s data. And so on.

As readers access your document, they will be able to read it completely and view all the data regardless of their device size.

Responsive spreadsheets are a great example of a capability which helps ensure a longer lifespan and more usability for digital documents.

If you work with financial documents and are realizing you need responsive spreadsheets, email us to schedule a demo!

A Mobile-Friendly PDF?

Love them or hate them, PDFs are still used a lot for digital documents and publications. Which is puzzling because of how painful they are to read on a mobile phone, where many people now spend a lot of their reading time. They’re simply not mobile-friendly.

We know that responsive web formats and ebook formats are much nicer to read, yet people still want to be able to offer a PDF for their readers as a fallback. Sometimes it’s because they want them to be able to read it offline, sometimes it’s because they want to email an actual document instead of send a link, sometimes it’s because their audience is simply most familiar with a PDF.Mobile-friendly PDF Example

For me and many people I know, the worst part about PDFs on my phone is that they don’t resize and I have to pan and zoom and pan and zoom to read anything. I lose my place and just generally get bored scrolling back and forth just to read one paragraph because it’s too wide for my phone at a type size that I can read.

We’ve come up with a solution – mobile-formatted PDFs! We’re now generating PDFs that are actually designed for the width of a smartphone with text that is appropriately sized for such a device.

If you’re a Premium Woopie customer, you can try out mobile-formatted PDFs today with your content. Realizing you’re going to need mobile-formatted PDFs in your life? Talk to us about trialling Premium for free for 14 days to see if it’s right for you!