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A few times each month, we get inquiries into Woopie’s language and globalization features. Questions like these:

  • It turns out we have some readers in Russia, can we publish this in Cyrillic?
  • Can Woopie handle these custom Thai fonts?
  • Will Woopie display my Arabic documents properly with right-to-left text?
  • How can I create and publish translations of my magazine?

So I wanted to write a bit about how Woopie supports languages and character sets to keep publications localizable and global-friendly.

Image from Sino-Foreign Management Magazine - Philip McMaster

Composing & Importing Content

Woopie content can be written in most languages and character sets, and its publication accessibility settings ensure that no matter the language, the documents created will be 100% accessible. Additionally, Woopie can import content in most languages and character sets because it was built from the ground up to handle global publications.

Custom Themes & Custom Fonts

All of the Woopie default themes use Google Fonts for header and text content. The current available Google Fonts don’t have every language, but Google has some early access fonts in languages like Tamil, Lao, Telugu, Korean and many more here:

With custom-designed themes for certain customers, we often incorporate specific fonts that the publisher has purchased or licensed for the document. Fontdeck ( , Webtype (  & Typekit ( all offer beautiful fonts designed for the web with appropriate licensing terms. Custom themes can include extra licensed fonts, specific colors, custom social media and header icons and alltogether have a lot more flexibility.

Text Direction Settings

Woopie publications also have a setting for text direction so that you can ensure all your documents are generated correctly. Simply swap the text direction setting on the publication settings page as shown below to have your content switch from left-to-right to right-to-left.

 Screenshot of Woopie edit publication screen

Translations of publications

To facilitate translation versions of digital documents, we work with publishers to create individual “issues” for the various languages they wish to support. While we don’t do automatic translation and conversion, we do make sure that settings, designs, media and interactive components can remain the same across the different versions. For translation services, we are also happy to recommend partners of ours who are experts at translating and can assist with this work.


With this level of control and customization, we expect that Woopie publishers can ensure their documents reach the broadest audience possible. Languages, fonts, accessibility and globalization choices no longer block out an audience; instead they are an asset that can help more readers and fans enjoy your content.

If you are working on documents in non-Latin character sets or looking at custom language fonts, we would love to talk more with you about what’s standing in your way and if Woopie might be able to help. Please feel free to email me at martha [at] and we can talk more about your scenario.

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