Responsive Web Design Training Course


Date and Time: Tuesday June 25th, 9.30am until 1pm
Location: Temple Bar Hotel

The web is no longer fixed at a certain size, dictated by desktop screen dimensions. It’s now mobile – on phones, tablets, consoles – and the lists growing.

We’re building to be a fantastic reading experience across a huge range of devices, and responsive design is a huge part of this. 

Responsive Web Design helps designers create websites that adapt and change depending on what device the visitor is viewing the site on. There’s a number of techniques involved to make this happen, and it can be a bit of a leap from current working practices, so (in association with Mulley Communications) I’m giving a halfday workshop, where I will: 

  • – Tell you how RWD works, with some great examples
  • – Show you how to build a simple responsive homepage
  • – Show you tools and techniques to help you get responsive

This course is perfect for people who design and build websites, but want to go from designing for one screen size to building responsive sites that adapt to different sizes. You’ll need to know HTML and CSS, as that’s what you need for making things responsive.

Sign up for the course here – there’s a few spots left.

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