New Feature :: Table of Contents Customization

One of the features we have been asked most for lately is the ability to better customize the table of contents. We are happy to announce some exciting new capabilities available for you now!

Screenshot of customizing table of contents page

Titles & Subtitles

You can now specify a Headline and subhead for your table of contents page instead of always using the publication title. You have control over whether you want to add something to convey your publication’s personality, mention publication dates, add content at all, or leave it blank and upload an image instead.

Custom header image

Adding a header image gives you an additional option to personalise individual issues or use a familiar masthead image across your collection.

Custom thumbnail image for page

And now to go along with your header image, you can also have custom thumbnail images for your contents page. Upload a logo image or we can crop / shrink your header image to work as well. 

Choose your own article description fields

Woopie publishers use different fields for different things, so we wanted to let people be in control of what their TOC description text is. You can choose to use your articles’ subheads as descriptive text, or use the articles’ description fields as that text. 

Thumbnail images for articles

Finally, we can now automatically include thumbnail images for your articles in the TOC. Select “Use article thumbnails in listing” to have the table of contents generated with the articles’ thumbnails alongside the heading. 

We’re really happy with how the table of contents custom options are letting people get creative – here are a few examples of what people are doing today: 

screenshot of Aer Lingus publication with a custom toc

screenshot of Harvard Law School publication with a custom toc

Are there customisations you’d like to see, or do you need help with a custom theme for your publication? Let us know how we can help!

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