Friday Links Roundup, 7 February


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Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

AIGA 100 Years of Desgin

AIGA 100 Years of Desgin

The AIGA have a beautiful centenary website that celebrates the importance of design. Some beautiful, smooth transitions and great content.

News and Links

The Problem with Paywalls
Are paywalls going to get better? Interesting findings from Gannett’s latest earnings report

Adobe revises DRM timeline
Adobe change their position on their new DRM update.

A Step by Step Guide to Evaluating Your ePub Files on Kindles, iPads, and Smartphones
Testing on devices is hard, but the best way to experience what your readers will see.

Why Jason Kilar’s rumored “Hulu for magazines” startup probably isn’t going to work
“No one reads a magazine story over and over or returns to newspaper stories that they remember reading as a child”

4 ways to make a digital mag
Necessity, because nothing else does the job, audience interaction or because internet

eBook consumption and reading have gone up
But what does this mean for subscription and content sites?

This magazine company sold 4,721 subscriptions from its website…
Apple helped it sell only 600 & took a 30% cut

The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing
An extensive and detailed guide of advanced content marketing techniques available today.

Digital transformation: follow the money
Publishers should double-down on marketing services programs to help brands create compelling content.

The subtle differences between News apps
There’s lots of ways to get news, here’s a guide to the differences.

Rise of the Platishers
A horrible portmanteau describing publishers who are platforms, and how they are gaining popularity.

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