Friday Links Roundup, 31 January


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Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

This is Danny Pearl’s Final Story

This is Danny Pearl's Final Story

A clean and elegant structure, well suited to a very powerful story.

Planet Hillary

Planet Hillary

Shows off the NYT,s new, clean layout really well. Plus what a bonkers illustration!

News and Links

New Wearable from MIT’s Media Lab Wants to be the “Feelie” for Books
A Brave New World of sensory publishing

Can’t Read Your eBooks? Adobe’s New DRM Update Could be the Cause
DRM causing headaches and disrupting users again.

The 2014 Magazine Media Moguls’ Great Expectations As Told to Mr. Magazine™… Part 5 of 5
What are some of the largest magazine media companies expecting from 2014 in the world of magazine media? Find out!

Narrative erosion, paying for news, and more video
Nic Newman’s 2014 media and tech predictions

What The Longform Backlash Is All About
Taking the best of the magazine craft online. And leaving the rest on paper.

Digital Magazine Publishing Best Practices Are Still Evolving
Looking ahead, 2014 will surely include new technologies and Best Practices

Ezra Klein Is Joining Vox Media as Web Journalism Asserts Itself
After a week of speculation, it turns out that Ezra Klein, the prolific creator of The Washington Post’s Wonkblog, will be going to Vox Media. (Paywall)

The California Sunday Magazine
Check out the next media project from the makers of Pop-Up Magazine

Google plans to dump Adobe CSS tech to make Blink fast, not rich
CSS Regions, integrated in the WebKit era, now up for removal.

and this is import because…?

CSS Regions Matter
SS Regions are not a layout feature—they’re a fragmentation feature that allows us to control or change the flow of content across containers in a page, or across pages.

Nomad Magazine defines the Wild West character of the Apple Newsstand and the issue of discoverability
Unlike a gumbo, where are the ingredients blend together to create something great, the Newsstand is simply a mess.

The Ebook Market in 2013
The Bookseller ran its annual review of the year today, including volume sales for ebooks disclosed by the big five trade publishers.

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