Friday Links Roundup – 3 December


This week we look at…

Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

No Girls Allowed

No Girls Allowed

Polygon’s beautifully illustrated essay on girls and video gaming.

News and Links

Long on Cutting Edge of Print, New York Magazine Cuts Back
The New York Times Magazine cuts back on frequency.

Out of Print, Maybe, but Not Out of Mind
How the book is surviving online

What’s happening at Bloomberg is the logical extension of a paywall-focused media business
Bloomberg focusing on its business customers.

How NPR lures younger digital audiences
NPR are attracting a new, younger, audience online.

How NonProfit News Ventures Seek Sustainability
How 18 organizations raise and spend money.

What’s in a Story?
The importance and power of storytelling.

How we turned a world record in journalism crowd-funding into an actual publication
About Dutch journalism startup De Correspondent

Curbed Seeks Longform Journalism—Here’s How to Pitch
Curbed are looking for writers.

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