Friday Links Roundup, 28 February


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Why live video won’t save the news biz
Creating quality live television is expensive and much harder than it looks.

Indie Publisher: The New Publishing Entrepreneur
Most writers don’t want to be businesspeople. But if you self-publish, that’s what you become.

The sorry state of ebook search results
Why is ebook search so poor?

The plague of uniform rectangles with text overlays spreads further
News sites are starting to feel a little similar

Print versus digital become irrelevant the longer time goes by and the technology improves
Today, most publishers see digital not so much as a way to produce new products but as a way to save old ones.

2013 eBook Cover Design Winners
There’s still a great deal of innovation to explore in ebook covers, and I keep thinking that simplification is eventually going to win out.

New EpubTest Website Tracks Epub3 Support
Ever 120B42C8d01_pic0007[1]wonder just how many Epub3 features are supported by your favorite ebook platform? Thanks to a new website, you can now find out.

The Financial Times breaks the law of large numbers
Digital subscriptions soar, putting paid circulation at a record.

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