Friday Links Roundup – 24 January


This week we look at…

Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

2014 Gates Annual Letter

2014 Gates Annual Letter

An elegantly designed and informative letter about poverty and aid.

News and Links

Native Advertising Predicted To Dominate Digital In 2014
“We believe native ads are quickly becoming the de facto ad format on mobile and increasingly moving into desktop”

Looking for a publishing-related podcast?
Check out the Mediatwits weekly podcast from Mediashift

The Many Platforms of Multiplatform Publishers
Niche publishers have seen great success in multiplatform publishing.

Digital Magazine Publishing Best Practices Are Still Evolving
Some thoughts on best practices for 2014.

The Verge’s OS-responsive exploration of “Fanboys”
The making of Fanboys, an OS-responsive piece.

More Americans Now Reading Ebooks
And 32% of ebook readers are reading on their phones.

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