Friday Links Roundup – 20 September


This week we look at trading blows and shoot-em-ups, where the news business went wrong, and some interesting thoughts on design …

Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

Tomato Can Blues


The New York Times produces another stunning being of narrative, with some fantastic animated illustrations.

Grand Theft Auto Five review: Golden Years


Another highly polished review from Vox – with a really nice animation effect where the frames of a movie clip of a helicopter flying through the city animates as you scroll.

News and Links

Books in Browsers IV

The schedule for this year’s Books in Browsers looks fantastic.

A Whole Lot of Bells, Way Too Many Whistles

A critique of the “Snowfall” style of story-telling, with some valid points about signal-vs-noise and not distracting your readers.

Riptide – what really happened to the news business

Neiman Labs has a beautifully designed and in-depth discussion of what caused the decline of the traditional “news business” and how the web took over.

Revenue and Profits Down at Barnes & Noble in First Quarter

Barnes and Noble suffers losses, and commits to focussing on retail and the Nook.

Digital Reading: Judging Books by Their Covers

A look at digital book cover design, and how it differs from hard-copy designs.

Unfulfilled promise of e-books offers lessons for news organizations

Bill Adair has some great thoughts on how e-books can use multimedia and extra material to make them more than just an electronic replica of the printed version, and serve the reader better by doing more.

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