Friday Links Roundup – 16 August


This week we look at Deep Sea rescues and wild rivers, Kindle sales and reading rituals, and more…  

Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

Deep Sea Cowboys


An epic story from Epic Magazine about marine salvage experts and their struggle to rescue a giant capsized ship. Fantastic design working with great content.

The perils at Great Falls


A disturbing guide to what lies beneath one of America’s most deceptive and deadly rivers.

News and Links

The basis of optimism is sheer terror

Peter Houston of Flipping Pages Media talks about iPad magazines in the wake of some high-profile flops.

How Big Is Amazon’s Kindle Business?

Morgan Stanley attempts to estimate Amazon’s Kindle sales – it estimates sales of $4.5 billion worth of Kindle e-readers and tablets this year, up 26 percent from 2012.

The Ritual

A look at what readers lose out on when they move from the physical to the digital, and the importance of Ritual and habit that physical editions give readers.

As Ebooks Strain Libraries, Can Self-Publishers Make Inroads?

Publishing Perspectives examines the conflict between publishers and libraries when it comes to ebooks, and the different licencing and lending options available to them.

Jack Dorsey on Twitter’s turning point as a news entity: The day a plane landed in the Hudson

The turning point for Twitter nd how it changed how news works.

Editors Battle Advertisers for High Ground

How native advertising is creeping into the sacred space of editorial content.

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