Friday Links Roundup, 14 February


Happy Valentine’s Day! This week we look at…

News and Links

Amazon Tests Kindle in Latin America
Amazon Inc. started selling its Kindle online in Brazil on Friday

The term “digital magazines” may sound kind of dumb, but First Look Media’s approach is not
First Look Media has launched The Intercept from Glenn Greenwald — the first of what it calls a family of “digital magazines.”

Are you a “digital magazine”, a “personal francise”, or something else altogether?
What you call yourself may matter.

The line between platform & publishers is blurring
Who wins and who loses?

March is Read an Ebook month
Your chance to check it out & see if it might be for you (though if you;re reading this you probably are!)

Simply re-packaging magazine content in digital formats will only get you so far
Dennis & Future looking beyond

When information glides by too frictionlessly, we’re liable to find it harder both to understand and to retain
Stop trying to make the web look ‘beautiful’ – I’ve forgotten it already

40 years of ebooks
An infographic

Some great apps for your smartphone
Wonderful experiences & excellent content

Why is Mark Andreessen optimistic about the news business & its evolution?
While Andreessen isn’t actually involved in the media industry directly, he had some interesting thoughts about it.

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