Friday Links Roundup – 13 December


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Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

NPR: Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt

NPR: Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt

NPR produce a rich and educational piece on how t-shirts are made, with great use of video.

Behind the Bloodshed

Behind the Bloodshed

USA Today produces a very in-depth report on mass killings in the United States, with a wealth of data to explore. Read about the techniques and tech involved in how Behind the Bloodshed was made.

Use Only As Directed

Use Only As Directed

A very detailed long read on the active ingredient in Tylenol. Some great use of popups for citations and easy twitter links for key takeaways.

In the Belly of the Beast

In the Belly of the Beast

A Rolling Stone investigation into animal cruelty. Interesting use of animation to drive home key points.

News and Links

Let it Bleed
The importance of imagery and its relationship to writing in web design.

The Amazon Kindle Numbers That Jeff Bezos Must Really Care About
Interesting insight – Kindle owners spend $1,233 per year on Amazon compared to $790 per year for Amazon shoppers who don’t own one.

Exposure turns your photo sets into stunning graphic stories
A beautiful tool for rich photographic storytelling

New York Times Expects Digital Ad Growth in 2014
Native Ads Will Help Fuel the Gains

Digital Magazine Circulation Soars
The total number of digital magazines downloaded every week has increased almost sevenfold from 300,000 per week in the last quarter of 2011 to around 2 million per week.

Google Play Newsstand: Taking Digital Magazine Publishing a Step Beyond
A review of the Google Play Newsstand.

Digital Advertising: All talk and no (inter)action
Why aren’t digital ads doing more?

Jessica Lessin talks about paywalls, The Information and the virtues of knowing who your audience is
Jessica Lessin talks about the motivation behind The Information and why she chose to go with a hard paywall model

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