Friday Link Roundup – 9 August


This week we look at some exciting news from Amazon, some summer reading and a great ereader app, and some type inspiration

Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

A History of (Muted) Violence


Some lovely typeography and animated illustrations on this (possibly NSFW) article on games for grown-ups



A fun satire on the “Snowfall” article format.

Indie Irish Journailism

Just released: The Muckracker Report

A new independent investigative report on Northern Ireland.

Fundraising: Guth – a new media voice

A year of news on the web, investigating under-reported areas of Irish society, the stories lost in the cacophony of “breaking news”.

News and Links

Amazon says it is now accepting HTML5 web apps for its app store

You can now publish HTML5 apps on the Amazon Appstore, giving you access to millions of Kindle Fire and Android users. You can find out more at their developer’s centre.

Summer Reading 2013

The Nieman Journalism Lab dips into its library to find some older books that have something to say about journalism today.

Typewolf — Typographic Inspiration for the Modern Web

Some beautiful font combinations and type inspiration for designers.


An iPad reader app with some fantastic analytical and notetaking tools.

Followup: OK Newsstand is ‘bullshit’, but what have we learned?

A followup to a recent piece on how Newsstand is failing publishers with poor discovery.

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