Friday Link Roundup – 7 June


This week we look at language innovation, what to consider when looking at creating a digital magazine, and some new events and reports.

Dual Language Magazines


This is so smart – a magazine that changes language depending on how you orientate it! Reach two different audiences with a single publication.

UK’s media economy report

An overview from PwC about the future growth of the UK media economy.  Bad news for print publishing, great news for digital.

Five things to consider when creating a magazine app

Econsultancy list five things to consider when you are creating a digital magazine app.

Quote of the Week

Event of the Week

Books in Browsers IV

Taking place this October in San Franciso. Some fantastic speakers already lined up.

Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

Xbox One: What We Know


Polygon is a video games website that puts as much depth into its design as it foes its reporting. It’s hard to pick just one feature, but this report on the new Xbox is a fantastic combination of text, imagery and slideshows.

The Web Video Problem


Fascinating essay on visual storytelling, presented in a really unique way – you choose how much you want to read based on your curiosity and time available.

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