Friday Link Roundup – 5 July 2013


This week we look at a smell z-list villain, ads beamed to your skull, some new stats in publishing, and more…

Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

Why This Vintage He-Man Action Figure Still Smells Bad 30 Years Later


Fast Co. have a beautiful site, but what makes this article (apart from the whiff of nostalgia) is the great imagery.

What is a magazine?


Medium has a beautiful, minimal design, both front and back, and this article on magazines shows it off very well. And makes a great point too!

News and Links

Magazines’ iPad Editions See 24% Ad Boost in Q1

iPads are driving ad revenues and sales, via ad units and sponsorships.

Who’s Winning at Volume in Publishing

A look at who’s producing the most online content with the fewest amount of people.

Amazon Patents ‘DVD Extras’ for E-Books

Amazon have patented a way to enhance your ebooks with additional content. Could be really exciting.

How Habit Can Help A Digital Magazine Keep Readers Reading

How can digital magazines trigger new habits to keep readers interested?

Vibrating Train Windows Will Soon Transmit Ads Directly Into Your Skull

A pretty terrifying headline about how advertising will transcend the page and screen and go straight into your brain!

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