Friday Link Roundup, 4 July


Happy Independence day! This week we look at…

News and Links

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer wants to up advertising revenue by using ‘digital magazines’
She … wants Yahoo to be a place where they curl up and spend some time, whether they are into haute couture, the latest gadgets or tabloid gossip.

What Does Your Brain Like Better: Paper or Ebooks?
New research shows “electronic readers promoted more deep reading and less active learning.”

Book revenues are up — but without ebooks, they’d be plummeting
More than 50% of readers said that they read e-books on tablets or e-readers.

The secrets to using large, expressive type on websites
An interesting guide to working with big type

10 Stats About Digital Magazine Publishing You Should Know
Some great stats and information directly from readers on their experiences with digital magazines so far

The New Media Boom Times
A rundown of the hot new digital publishers

Inspiration for article intro effects
Some interesting animation and scrolling effects for fullscreen image headings.

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