Friday Link Roundup – 31 May


What’s interesting this week in content and digital publishing – coffee shops, statistics, and a Firestorm!

The Guardian has a coffee shop now

Love the first line! The Guardian undertakes an interesting experiment with a pop-up coffee shop.

In search of a happy ending

Are book publishers engaging in wishful thinking by creating a narrative that ebook sales have ‘reached their peak’? Sam Missingham confronts this notion with some hard data and insightful analysis.

The Rise of the Mobile-Only User

More great data an insights, this time from Karen McGrane on the misconception and folly of saying ”They can just use their desktop computer to do that.”

Why Design Matters: If Snow Fall Were Published in a Standard Template

This is incredibly smart – what would the genre-defining piece Snow Fall have looked like had the New York TImes team not taken the time to craft an amazing custom experience.


Speaking of The Guardian and Snow Fall, here’s a beautiful piece about a family surviving a firestorm in Tasmania. An immersive and compelling reading experience.

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