Friday Link Roundup – 28 June


This week we look at some great editorial designs, some beautiful book cover designs, should you use slideshows, and more…

Beautiful Editorial Design of the Week

A Swing of Beauty


A fascinating essay on the swing of baseball player Bryce Harper. Even if you’ve no idea how baseball works, the graphics and data visualisations make this a really compelling essay.

News and Links

Ready to Share: Packaging Your Digital Content

Should you ban slideshows? Some interesting thoughts on whether or not slideshows are an effective way to show your content.

Vox Media: The Company That Did Beautiful Longform Storytelling Before ‘Snow Fall’

We’re big fans of Vox Media’s longform designs – here’s an interview with Trei Brundett, Vox’s chief publishing offer about their custom publishing platform that powers it.

Three lessons from ProPublica on how to run a successful journalism Kickstarter

A great how-to guide for funding a journalistic Kickstarter project.

When it comes to digital news trends, a Reuters Institute study says some stereotypes ring true

How people read and share news differently around the world.

Daniel Benneworth-Gray

Some beautiful book cover designs.

How Can I Use an iPad Mini Productively in Class?

Great tips and suggestions in the comments for using a tablet in an education setting.

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