Friday Link Roundup – 26 July


This week we look at a fantastic book review by Bill Gates, and look at some opinions on ebook sales and the decline of print.

Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

Harvesting the Biosphere: Book Review


A very detailed and well-crafted book review of Harvesting the Biosphere: What We Have Taken From Nature by Vaclav Smil, written by Bill Gates (yes, the Bill Gates.) The Verge have a write-up on it here.

The Pixar Theory


This site takes Jon Negroni’s unified timeline theory of Pixar movies (that they all exist in the same timeline and take place in a certain sequence) and turns it into a really interesting interactive narrative.  

News and Links

Here’s how Amazon self-destructs

Will Amazon become a victim of its own success? If high-street book stores go out of business, how will that affect people discovering new books?

The Invisible e-book

Looking at the numbers for ebook sales and how measuring print and ebook numbers might not give us the whole picture.

A Rocket Around the Future of Longform

A look at what’s interesting in the future of longform content.

‘New York Times’ Creating Digital Longform Magazine

“An immersive digital magazine experience, a lean back read that will include new, multimedia narratives in the tradition of Snow Fall…”

Print Dead at 1,803

An obituary from The Onion. RIP.

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