Friday Link Roundup – 24 May 2013


It’s been a great week for fantastic long-form narrative design, in-depth write-ups, and interesting news.

Building The New Financial Times Web App

A really detailed case study of the new FT web app – the digital team at the Financial Times are doing really groundbreaking work in digital publishing, and deserve a lot of kudos for sharing what they learn.

A New Look for Newsweek

Newsweek has had a beautiful, responsive redesign that looks great on desktop and mobile. In this writeup on the new Newsweek design you can get some great insights into their publishing schedule and advertising models, as well as the thoughts behind the redesign.

That Ol’ Banjo Sounds Good

A beautifully designed essay about a banjo-playing busker.

Pitchfork Opts Out of the Pageview Rat Race

How Pitchfork prefers engagement over eyeballs for its beautiful “Snowfall” style features.

Interview with Ellen Levine

An interview with Hearst Magazines Editorial Director Ellen Levine on the future of digital publishing.

Interview with Johnny Ryan

CIO of the Irish Times Johnny Ryan talks about the role of newspapers in a digital world.

Digital to Dominate by 2020

A survey on the magazine preferences of tablet readers

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