Friday Link Roundup, 2 May


This week we look at…

Beautiful Editorial Design of the Week

The slumps that shaped modern finance

The slumps that shaped modern finance

Filled with excellent animations, timelines and transitions.

News and Links

Dashes in Web Typography
Don’t know your em dash ( — ) from your hyphen‐minus? ( – ) Find them here and then learn how to use them

Community curation, by Joe Wikert
An interesting concept for a paid content concierge

Publishers are Signing up with eBook Subscription Services in Droves
Services like Oyster, Epic and Scribd are building their catalogues fast.

What’s New in Digital and Social Media Research
Great roundup of all the recent research out there

The e-book in front is a book
“If the e-book remains just a cheaper facsimile of print books, it will suffer the same fate.”

This Coffee Mug’s E-ink Display Is Powered By Hot Coffee
It’s a smart mug (for when you’re not feeling so smart,right before your morning coffee!)

Why I’m Bullish on the News
Marc Andreessen on the future of news

How 10 news organizations look at issues of online engagement
News orgs talk about improving interaction, engagement, and personalisation.

Why Newsstand needs to go away
Why Newsstand has become a second-class folder.

Q&A: Craig Mod on making writing more mobile-friendly and where digital publishing is headed
Great interview with the inspirational Craig Mod

Thomas Piketty doesn’t hate capitalism
Nice experiment from Vox where you can toggle between the interview and the story

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