Friday Link Roundup – 2 August


This week we look at some great stories about protestors, architecture and innovators, and look at what’s interesting on online innovation.

Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

Brian Eno: Taking Manhattan (By Strategy)


Beautiful, minimal design – the sparse use of colour and great choice of typography for the pull-quotes work really well with the content.

A Brief History Of Modern Architecture Through Movies


Explaining different architecture styles with movies.

The Prophets of Oak Ridge


A drifter, an 82-year-old nun and a house painter make for unlikely activists. Love the pullquotes and bordering on the side images.

News and Links

Q&A With the Chicago Tribune Editors Who Put a Cat on Their Homepage


New York Times elevates comments from below the line

Interesting experiment to bring comments back into the article and part of the narrative, rather than burying them at the bottom.

Setting subheads with CSS

Some great tips and demos on how to make really interesting subheadings for your article.

Inside Vox Media’s Attempt to Build a Modern Media Stack

Vox make some beautiful stories (that we’ve featured here before) – meet some of the incredibly smart people behind them.

Newsstand is bullshit

Why Newsstand is letting down publishers with poor search and discovery tools.

A new beginning for print?

How digital innovations are injecting new life into an old medium

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