Friday Link Roundup – 19 July 2013


This week we look at some fantastic essays and interactive visualisations, as well as the latest news on tablet ownership, how to engage with readers, (or how to fake it!), and how to keep them civil.

Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

A Memoir Project


A beautiful online memoir by Michael Blankenburg 

100 Jahre Tour de France


A great essay on the history of the Tour de France (hurray for Google Translate) with some great video and interactive elements.

Wrappers Delight


A history of Tunnocks, an old-school chocolate manufacturer. Some great photography here using some nice easing and reveals.

News and Links

Women own most of the UK’s tablet computers says study

Smaller devices like the iPad mini and handing down of previous gen devices have played a big part.

The smartest guys in media give up on print

How big publishers are making the move to digital

Newspapers need to do more to earn attention

How tablets can help newspapers really engage with their audiences.

How to Use Social Media to Juice Your Story’s Popularity

How to cheat your way to more numbers on your stories share boxes.

More news organizations try civilizing online comments with the help of social media

Using social media plugins like Facebook might help keep conversations more civil on news sites.

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