Friday Link Roundup – 11 July 2013


This week we look at the latest news in ebooks and price fixing, some digital production tips, and some more longform narrative design…

Beautiful Editorial Designs of the Week

The Long, Strange Strip of Dock Ellis


Another fantastic baseball story, with some gorgeous illustration and photography work, with slick curtain effects.

The Prophet


An essay on Dr. Eben Alexander, author of Proof of Heaven. Not only an interesting read, but an experiment in micro-payments – if you want to read this article it will cost you $1.99

News and Links

Esquire’s Micropayment Experiment

Here’s a write-up on the micro-payments feature linked above, and the thinking behind it.

Digital books are under the control of distributors rather than readers

A look at how digital distribution and cloud hosting affects ownership and control of books.

Court rules Apple fixed ebook prices, led an illegal conspiracy

A federal court comes down hard against Apple regarding price fixing of ebooks.

Best small tablets: iPad mini vs Galaxy Note vs Nook HD vs Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire

Wired have done a great round-up of the more popular smaller-size tablets should you be looking for something for your summer reads. 

Tips on how to handle media product development for digital magazines

Some tips on how to develop and publish for digital platforms and making the transition from print.

Content, commerce, print and mobile: 24 statistics on the changing digital economy

Stats and updates on mobile and tablet usage, online advertising, e-commerce, and more.


Yoda on Digital Magazines

Some wise words on being afraid of change…

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