Friday Link Roundup – 10 May 2013


This week we look at advanced layouts, new thinking in news design, and more. Happy reading!

Adobe & National Geographic Content Explore the Future of Responsive Digital Layout

A look at some advanced and prototype browser rendering techniques to help create interesting and exciting layouts, including regions, exclusions and balanced text.

Every page is your homepage

Fascinating piece about the design thinking behind the new look for Reuters, where every page is considered a home page. An interesting move, driven by the logic much web traffic comes via social and search direct to a deep page.

Virgin Australia wants to beam Magazines and Newspapers to your iPad

Virgin are going to allow passengers get free content for their tablets while waiting for their flight in lounges. Looking forward to seeing this in flights as well!

The Media Show on ebooks, digital and self-publishing

Eoin Purcell has a great piece with the editor of the Irish Independent and Brian Fallon from

Vigilante Copy Editor

Someone is going around a Brooklyn sculture park correcting grammar and typos on informational placards.

Quote of the week:

Useless Script of the Week:


For developers who want their pages to fart when people scroll.

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