On Web Typography – Jason Santa Maria’s new book on the art of web typography


Jason Santa Maria’s newly published book on the art of web typography

“Typography is your design’s voice and the most powerful tool you have to communicate with your readers. Learn how to wield type with care and wit: how to evaluate typefaces, consider technical constraints, create flexible typographic systems, and put together your own collection of favorite faces.

Jason Santa Maria wants you to see type beyond code or flourishes. You’ll discover how typography shapes the way we read and how you can adapt the craft’s practices for the screen. So go ahead. Choose, combine, and set typefaces with ease—and invite readers in.”

Evolution of the Kindle

The evolution of the Kindle

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Happy Independence day! This week we look at…

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Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer wants to up advertising revenue by using ‘digital magazines’
She … wants Yahoo to be a place where they curl up and spend some time, whether they are into haute couture, the latest gadgets or tabloid gossip.

What Does Your Brain Like Better: Paper or Ebooks?
New research shows “electronic readers promoted more deep reading and less active learning.”

Book revenues are up — but without ebooks, they’d be plummeting
More than 50% of readers said that they read e-books on tablets or e-readers.

The secrets to using large, expressive type on websites
An interesting guide to working with big type

10 Stats About Digital Magazine Publishing You Should Know
Some great stats and information directly from readers on their experiences with digital magazines so far

The New Media Boom Times
A rundown of the hot new digital publishers

Inspiration for article intro effects
Some interesting animation and scrolling effects for fullscreen image headings.

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This week we look at…

News and Links

Internet Trends 2014 
Mary Meeker’s annual insight into digital trends.

What Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report Means For The Future Of Content
A look at what the above report says about content and publishing.

BeeLine Reader
An interesting little plugin that claims to help you read faster by adding gradients to text

A Once-in-a-Century Opportunity to Re-invent Publishing, and Books
A look at Amazon vs Hachette

Lily Mihalik on building the Los Angeles Times’ 101 Best Restaurants interactive
A great insight into what it takes to make an outstanding interactive

Vertically Centered Text in iBooks
How to mathematically centre text vertically in iBooks (rather than by cheating)

Samsung and Barnes & Noble are making a Nook together
The Galaxy Tab 4 Nook will be a 7 inch tablet focused on reading.

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This week we look at…

News and Links

PMU Radio – MagCulture
Great podcast on magazines featuring some very smart people

Publishing Campaigns Grow On Kickstarter
In 2013, there were just under 6,000 publishing projects launched on Kickstarter, with $22.2 million pledge

The Dutch revolution in journalism: all newspapers behind one paydike
Here’s a smart idea from The Netherlands – uniting all major newspapers and magazines under one paywall

Net Neutrality: The View From Silicon Valley Start-Ups
Martha talks about the impact of the FCC’s proposals on startups

Far Beyond Snow Fall
“When we explore new ground in new mediums, we often find it necessary to swing the design and interaction pendulum to the baroque side of the scale.”

Using Small Caps and Text Figures on the Web
Some typography tips – it’s all about sweating the details

Mail Online’s soaring revenues offset publisher’s print ad decline
Love it or hate it, the Mail Online is killing it

Someone Fix This Sh*t
Facebook product director Mike Hudack’s rant about modern media sparks a debate

Tablets proliferate in nation’s classrooms, and take a swipe at the status quo
How new technology can help us rethink schools

This ‘Jaws’ book cover is really clever
Simple, iconic covers like this make great ebook covers too.

NYT Innovation report reactions:

How The New York Times lost the internet, and how it plans to win it back
Vox summarises the NYT innovation report

For the Times’ innovation report to stick, its journalists need to be on board
Some analysis on the infamous leaked NYT report

What Publishers Can Learn From the New York Times’s Digital Transition
“Reorganize around digital-first production. The caveat — as well as the key — here is ‘production,’ not ‘product.’”

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This week we look at…

News and Links

The leaked New York Times innovation report is one of the key documents of this media age
This leaked document shows the NYT attempting to face up to its problems when competing in a digital age

Who’s Winning the Tablet Magazine Wars?
You might be surprised at this list of the most popular tablet magazines.

The solutions to all our problems may be buried in PDFs that nobody reads
What if there’s a great idea buried in a hard-to-access format?

Collaborating on the News from Ukraine
A group of six news organizations and digital-media outlets have created a somewhat unusual collective effort aimed at reporting breaking news about Ukraine.

How different are books digitally?
“We will need to find new ways to market ebooks and digital reading to existing print readers in the coming years”

10 Marketing Automation Hacks for Subscription Sites
Some useful automated marketing tips